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Best Self Balancing Scooter Reviews and Buying Guide

Hoverboard, self balancing scooter, mini segway board…nobody knows what to call them, but everybody wants one. These futuristic little two-wheeled gadgets are being ridden by everyone from high schoolers to celebrities to professional athletes, and the world just can’t seem to get enough of them. They all want to know where to get the best self balancing scooter.

Hoverboards were first introduced at the beginning of 2015, but only became a viral sensation when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown started showing them off on their social media pages. Ever since then, the so-called mini segway board has been spreading like a technological wildfire. Due to this rising hoverboard craze, there are many great brands and manufacturers to choose from with new ones emerging every week, so finding the best self balancing scooter can be a hard choice!

Luckily for you, at HoverboardLab we’re a group of tech-crazy people who love testing every hoverboard we can get our hands on to see who’s got the best product. We’ve tested and reviewed nearly every mini segway board on the market today and we continue to test new ones as they are released, so you can be sure we have the best self balancing scooter reviews on the web.

Top 5 Best Self Balancing Scooters

After testing and reviewing nearly every mini segway board on the market, below are the best models we’ve come across. Click on any of the scooters below to read our full review.

ImageProductSpeedWeightOur RatingSale Price
Image of a new blue Razor HovertraxRazor Hovertrax

#1 safest hoverboard!
6 mph26 lbs9.1$599
Preview image of a brand new white RoboTTurbo HoverboardRoboTTurbo Hoverboard15 mph26 lbs9.3$549
Preview image of a brand new white MonoRover R2D self balancing scooterMonoRover R2D Self Balancing Scooter9.5 mph22 lbs9.1$599
Preview image of a brand new white MonoRover R2 self balancing scooterMonoRover R2 Self Balancing Scooter8 mph24 lbs9.0$419
Preview image of a brand new red Swagway X1 self balancing scooterSwagway X1 Self Balancing Scooter8 mph23.2 lbs8.9$399


How We Judge The Best Self Balancing Scooter Reviews

We take a close look at every little detail when judging each model, and when we’re scoring each self balancing scooter review we group details into the follow four categories.

There are many new brands emerging in the hoverboard market, and because of that there are a lot of cool, unique board designs to choose from. We look at details like body shape, wheels, technology and more when we’re scoring. This category of our hoverboard reviews is all about the visual appeal. This mini segway board is supposed to be futuristic, and you certainly want it to look the part!

You can go out and buy the fanciest hoverboard on the market that’s shiny and has all the cool-looking features, but if you can’t really use it on a day-to-day basis then what good is it? In this category of our self balancing scooter reviews we score each model based on how realistic they actually are for daily riding. Does it ride up hills and corner well? Does the battery last long? Is it too heavy to carry around when I can’t ride it? We answer each of the questions and several more so you know which mini segway board is actually sensible for daily use.

We really put each mini segway board to the test when we review them, riding through every type of terrain like street, dirt, grass, and rocks. Gathering some scratches is expected over time because of regular wear and tear from riding (and the occasional falling), but other than that a lot of these can take quite a beating. We score our self balancing scooter reviews based on how well each model holds up through our rigorous test rides.

Hoverboards are being made in a ton of different places with a ton of different parts. Unfortunately, there are certain manufacturers who don’t pay enough attention to quality because they just want to move a product. Other mini segway board brands, however, really focus on rider experience, so they use higher quality parts to build a much better scooter than the rest. Don’t worry, though; we make sure to weed out the good stuff from the bad stuff in our detailed self balancing scooter reviews.


Best Self Balancing Scooter Characteristics

There are several variables to consider when looking for the best self balancing scooter, so first let’s start with the basics. Below are the basic characteristics that we generally use to compare each mini segway board (before getting into the real details like durability, design, etc.):

This is the overall size of the hoverboard. You don’t want something that’s too wide or too narrow; the best self balancing scooter will have you standing in a very natural position so that you’re comfortable while you ride.

Hoverboards can vary greatly in weight depending on the material and battery used in the build, which means finding one that’s lightweight is important. Keep in mind that sometimes you’ll have to carry this in certain places where you can’t ride it, so you don’t want to be lugging around something too heavy. The lightest self balancing scooter we’ve tested so far was the MonoRover R2D, which weighs in at only 22 lbs. You can get this epic new mini segway board from MonoRover for only $599 on Amazon.

Most hoverboards range in speed from 5-10 MPH. You would honestly be surprised how big of a difference a single mile per hour feels when riding one of these! We had to include speed as part of our self balancing scooter reviews because faster obviously means more fun. The fastest self balancing scooter we’ve tested so far was the RoboTTurbo Hoverboard, which can hit speeds of over 15mph. The RoboTTurbo is currently on sale for only $549 on Amazon.

Climbing Angle
Measured in degrees, this is how steep of an incline the self balancing scooter can climb without losing power. You may lose some speed as you start to ride up the steeper hills, which is understandable, but we’ll let you know just how steep you can climb before your mini segway board stops altogether.

Also measured in degrees, this will tell you how tight you can turn your hoverboard. Think about this like the turning radius of a car: the tighter, the better. Almost all self balancing scooters have zero-degree rotation, so you don’t have to worry about this one too much when comparing models.

Battery Life
This is how long the hoverboard’s battery lasts once it’s fully charged. The best self balancing scooter should be able to ride a considerable range on a single charge. We’ve recorded how much riding time we get out of each mini segway board as well as the distance you can travel without having to worry about the battery dying. The longest range we’ve seen so far was the RoboTTurbo Hoverboard, which rode nearly 16 miles on a single charge. You can pick one up for only $549 on Amazon.

Max Rider Weight
This will tell you how much weight each self balancing scooter can handle. Generally speaking, the more weight it can handle, the higher quality the build is. Some brands build their hoverboards with cheaper parts which break under pressure.

The last basic variable we use for judging our reviews is price. The best self balancing scooter isn’t necessarily the most expensive one, but as usual in life you generally get what you pay for. Prices can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over one thousand. Luckily for you, we’ve scanned the entire internet for the best prices available and we’ll show you exactly where you can get the best deal on your new hoverboard.