Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging – How to Fix

Looking for a solution to the query Why is my hoverboard not charging? It is a very prevalent issue that many hoverboard users face. Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are electric power devices that get their power from lithium-ion batteries and cease functioning when they don’t get enough power. There are numerous causes for this, which we will go over in depth.

Before we get into the answer to Why Hoverboards are Not Charging, let’s look at some of the potential causes.

Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging? – Reasons

There are many reasons why hoverboards stop charging. Following are some of the most common reasons which are reported by different hoverboard users.

Battery Malfunction

The most common explanation for this is a dead battery or a malfunctioning battery. Some hoverboards had a single battery, while others had dual cells. When one or both cells fail, the charging of the hoverboard ceases.

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If this is the case, you should determine which battery is malfunctioning and attempt to fix it if feasible or replace the old battery with a new one. After that, you should calibrate your hoverboard once. Your hoverboard will resume charging the battery.

It is also important to purchase the right product for you as hoverboards for teens are different from heavy-weight adults. It you do not select with proper care such a problem can happen.

Charger Issue

If the batteries are in good functioning order, the next item to examine is the hoverboard charger. It is also a frequent issue encountered when hoverboards cease charging. Your hoverboard adapter is either broken or a third-party charger that is incompatible with the board.

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You must replace your broken or low-quality third-party charger with a new original hoverboard charger from the same manufacturer. After that, it will begin charging again.

If it stops charging due to burning, you’ll need to replace the injured battery with a new one. This should be replaced with a new high-quality hoverboard.

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Different Charger

If you are using a charger other than the original or suggested charger, this could be the cause. Always try to use the original charger or those suggested by the hoverboard maker.

Damaged Port

Another possibility is that the charging connectors are broken. If the power port is broken or not functioning correctly, the board will not charge. Simply connect your hoverboard battery to another outlet.

Damaged Charger Cable

If the cable of the hoverboard charger is damaged then it will not charge your hoverboard. You need to check the cable of the board if it is damaged or of low quality. If this is the case then you need to change the hoverboard charger cable with a new one.

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Different Voltage plug

To power the hoverboard, chargers require a particular voltage. Charging voltages vary from nation to country. If the charging port you are using does not match the suggested voltage needed, the board will not charge.

Charger of other manufacturers

If you have more than one hoverboard and make the error of charging the board with another board charger, this could also be a problem. All board makers suggest that you always use the brand charger or the chargers advised by the manufacturer.

If this is the case, you must use the appropriate charger for the appropriate hoverboard. I hope this resolves your problem.

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Is Hoverboard Not Charging Problem in all Hoverboards?

No, It is mostly found in low-quality and inexpensive hoverboards. It is suggested that you purchase a high-quality board with a guarantee that covers any problems that may arise with the passage of time. If such hoverboard issues continue to arise, they can be resolved with minimal work.


Overheating is another issue that could be causing the hoverboard to not charge. It can happen as a result of a long battery charge with a defective charger. When the battery overheats and surpasses its usual temperature, it either dies or reduces to some degree.

How to Charge a Hoverboard Safely

They are electric gadgets that require constant electricity from the battery to function. As a result, the hoverboard battery must be properly recharged. Original chargers are suggested for charging. Furthermore, do not power the hoverboard for any longer than the time suggested in the instructions, or it will overheat.

Choose a high-quality board because the construction quality and materials used in these hoverboards are of high quality, preventing problems such as charging.

Final Thought

We make an effort to cover every aspect of why my hoverboard is not charging as well as offer remedies for these problems. It is a typical issue that affects all battery-powered devices. You can contact us at any moment if you still need assistance.

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