Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging – Ultimate Guide

Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging

Looking for the answer to Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging? It is a very common problem facing many hoverboard riders. As we all know hoverboards also known as self-balancing scooters are electric power devices that acquire power from lithium-ion batteries and when they do not get proper power from the battery it stops working. There are many reasons for that which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Before we discuss the solution of Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging, first we need to discuss the possible reasons why it stopped charging.

Why is My Hoverboard Not Charging? – Reasons

There are many reasons why hoverboards stop charging. Following are some of the most common reasons which are reported by different hoverboard users.

Battery Malfunction

The most common reason reported for this cause is battery or battery malfunction. Some hoverboards came with a single battery, and some with dual batteries. When a single or both batteries are not working, the hoverboard charging also stops.

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If that is the case, then you need to check which battery is not working and try to repair it if possible or change the old battery with the new one after that you need to calibrate your hoverboard once. Your hoverboard will start charging the battery again.

Charger Issue

If the hoverboard batteries are perfect and working fine then the next thing you need to check is the hoverboard charger. It is also a common problem found in cases where hoverboards stop charging. Either your hoverboard charger is damaged or it is a third-party charger that is not compatible with the hoverboard.

You need to change your damaged hoverboard or third-party low-quality charger with the new original hoverboard charger of the same company. After this, your hoverboard will start charging the board again.

If your hoverboard stops charging due to overheating then you either need to change your damaged battery with the new one. It is better if you replace this overheated hoverboard with a new high-quality hoverboard.

Different Charger

If you are using another charger other than the original or recommended charger then this might be an issue of not charging the hoverboard. Always try to use the original charger or those which are recommended by the manufacturer of the hoverboard.

Damaged Port

Another probable reason might be a damaged port that you are using to charge your hoverboard. If the port of electricity is damaged and is not working properly then it also will not charge your hoverboard. Just plug in your hoverboard charger in some other port.

Damaged Charger Cable

If the cable of the hoverboard charger is damaged then it will not charge your hoverboard. You need to check the cable of the board if it is damaged or of low quality. If this is the case then you need to change the hoverboard charger cable with a new one.

Different Voltage plug

Hoverboard chargers require a specific voltage to charge the hoverboard. The voltages for charging differ in each country. If the plug you are using to charge the hoverboard does not match the recommended voltage required by the hoverboard then it will not charge the board.

Charger of other manufacturers

If you have more than one hoverboard and you make a mistake using a hoverboard charger of another board to charge the hoverboard then it also might be an issue. It is recommended by all hoverboard manufacturers that always use the brand hoverboard charger or those chargers which are recommended by the manufacturer.

If that is the case, then you need to use the right charger for the right hoverboard. Hope this will solve your charging issue.

Is Hoverboard Not Charging Problem in all Hoverboards?

No, hoverboards do not charge for all types of hoverboards. It is mainly in low-quality and cheap hoverboards. It is recommended to buy a good quality hoverboard that also provides a certain time period warranty in case any problem occurs in your hoverboard. If still some problems occur then you can resolve these problems with a little effort.


Another problem that might be the reason for the hoverboard not charging is overheating. IT can happen due to long battery charging or it can also happen due to charging a hoverboard with a faulty hoverboard. Once the hoverboard battery is overheated and exceeds its normal temperature then either it became dead or reduces to an extent.

How to Charge a Hoverboard Safely

Hoverboards are electric devices that require continuous power from the battery to perform their task. Therefore it needs proper recharging of the hoverboard battery. In order to charge your hoverboard properly and without any issue, it is recommended to use original brand chargers. Furthermore, do not charge the hoverboard more than the recommended time mentioned in the manual the hoverboard otherwise it can be overheated.

Always go with a high-quality hoverboard, because the build quality and material used in these hoverboards are of good quality which prevents issues like the hoverboard not charging. Use the right voltage plug to charge the board as it is mentioned on the board.

Final Thought

We try to cover each and every detail related to why my hoverboard is not charging and also provide solutions on how you can resolve these issues. It is a common problem that occurs in any device running on battery power. If still, you need any kind of help related to the hoverboard charging problem you can text us any time.

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