How to Replace Hoverboard Battery? | Ultimate Guide

Do you Know How to Replace Hoverboard Battery? These are the most fun devices available today. They are not only simple to use, but also secure. The only issue one might have is with the battery life. Although these devices are rechargeable, they can fail at any moment if used with the incorrect charger or overcharged.

If you’re wondering how to replace hoverboard Battery? Then you don’t have to be concerned. Replacing hoverboard batteries is simple and inexpensive. When it comes to replacing them with a new battery, you should consider the battery model and ensure that it is compatible with the device.

Hoverboard Battery Replacement

There are many reasons why a hoverboard battery dies. The following are the main reasons for hoverboard battery replacement.


If you charge your hoverboard overnight or for an extended period, you risk damaging the battery and causing it to expire. Never charge your device for more than 12 hours or keep it plugged in constantly. Leaving the device plugged in after a complete charge can damage the battery and cause it to die.

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Wrong Charger

You should never use the incorrect charger with your hoverboard because it can damage the battery and cause it to die. Similarly, you should be aware that not all ports on any electrical gadget are created equal, so avoid using a damaged port.


Overheating can also harm your device’s charge, causing hoverboard batteries to fail. When using a hoverboard, make sure it is not too hot or in full sunlight, as this can damage the battery and cause it to die.

Hoverboard for long Duration

Hoverboards can be used for an extended period and are also electronic instruments. However, if you use it for an extended length of time, the battery may lose power and die. You should avoid using your board if the battery is low or if there is no charger nearby.

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Using Old Hoverboard Battery

Most people keep their old hoverboards for a longer amount of time. If you do this, you should be aware that it can damage your device’s battery and cause it to die and hoverboard battery replacement is the ultimate solution. If you want to know how to replace a hoverboard battery, you should consider replacing an outdated one with a new one. Replacing your device’s battery is also not that costly, so think about it. Hoverboard batteries can be purchased for a reasonable fee.

How to Replace Hoverboard Battery? Step By Step Guide

Following are the steps you need to follow to replace a hoverboard battery.

Discharge the Lithium Polymer Battery

You must first deactivate a hoverboard before replacing its battery. This can be accomplished by leaving it overnight to fully drain any charge in the battery. However, before you do so, ensure that your replacement batteries are completely charged; otherwise, short circuits may occur.

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Remove the Hoverboard Cover or Label

To change a hoverboard battery, remove the cover that contains the hoverboard’s batteries and label each one. If it isn’t labeled, label it yourself with a permanent marker so you know where each cell goes when you’re putting it back together. You can also check the process in the video in which the jetson hoverboard battery replacement process is explained in detail.

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Remove the Battery Pack or Module

You need to undo the screws that keep the pack of your hoverboard together and then remove the pack carefully. If it is glued, don’t force it open as you might damage your batteries. After removing the cover, make sure that you hold on to each one of the batteries.

Swap the Batteries

After removing the old start hoverboard replacement battery process, insert each of your new batteries and make sure that they snap back in their places securely. Then put the cover back on and secure it with screws.

Charge Your Hoverboard Back to 100%

Make sure you charge your hoverboard fully before using it again. This is because the new battery pack may not be completely charged, which can cause a short circuit if the hoverboard is started before it is fully charged.

If you follow these steps, replacing a hoverboard battery will be a much simpler procedure for you.

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How to Select New Hoverboard Battery – Step By Step Guide

Following are the steps you need to follow while selecting a new hoverboard battery for your old hoverboard.

Keep your old batteries

You must retain the old batteries on hand while purchasing new ones. This is due to the fact that you would want to evaluate whether or not they are compatible by simply swapping out the batteries between the board and the scooter.

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Look for a Certified Seller of Hoverboard Battery

When purchasing a replacement hoverboard battery, ensure that you are dealing with a certified vendor or authorised dealer. This is because the Chinese-made hoverboard battery is frequently hazardous to both the scooter and the rider’s health, as it could catch fire at any moment.

New Hoverboard Batteries should be UL 2272 Certified

UL certification is granted to batteries that can meet a high level of performance. This is because these batteries can be used for both indoor and outdoor use with complete safety. UL 2272 certification also means that a hoverboard battery has a feature of protection from dust, dirt, and water as well.

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Do not buy Chinese-made hoverboards Battery

Never, ever purchase a low-quality battery for a hoverboard, no matter how much money you want to save. This is because they are deemed a fire hazard and have been banned by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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You can check out from eBay before buying a Hoverboard Battery

eBay is one of the most trusted online selling platforms in the world where you can buy almost anything. You can also go through different batteries for hoverboard reviews to buy the best quality product that is UL certified and available at a reasonable price range.

Check out Hoverboard Battery Price before buying it

Before adding any hoverboard battery to your buying cart, you should compare prices on other websites such as Amazon or eBay, as prices on these websites are frequently competitive.

Never keep your hoverboard overnight on Charge

Even if you have charged your scooter completely, it’s better to unplug and detach the charger as soon as possible. If you let it charge overnight, there is a chance of overcharging which could cause damage to the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Charge your hoverboard on a flat surface

If you are charging your hoverboard for the first time, make sure to do so on flat ground or a platform where the charger can be readily plugged in. This is because plugging in the charger on an uneven surface may cause the battery to fail and even shorten its life.

Do not leave your batteries in high temperatures or humidity

You should keep the batteries of your hoverboard away from direct sunlight, heat, or humid conditions as this could cause damage to the cells present inside it. The best idea would be to store them in a dry and cool place. Also, avoid bumpy rides on uneven surfaces.

How to Dispose of the Old Hoverboard Battery?

Following are the steps you need to follow to Dispose of the Old Hoverboard Battery. These are the simple steps you need to follow, but you should contact your local solid waste management company for specific guidelines.

Steps to be Followed for Disposing of the Old Hoverboard Battery:

  • You need to clean up the area around where you will be working. You should also put on safety glasses and rubber gloves.
  • Take the old battery pack and place it on a non-flammable surface. You should never put the old battery for a hoverboard on your kitchen counter since some kitchens have hardwood floors that can easily catch fire from spilled fluids from your replaced battery.
  • Make sure all flames are extinguished before you proceed further. Never use water for this purpose.
    Make sure to wear eye protection and gloves when handling the old batteries. If you have skin contact with the battery fluid, then wash your hands thoroughly. Flush eyes immediately if any acid contacts them.
    Proceed to open the battery cover by using a screwdriver or a similar tool. Inside the compartment, you will find eight screws that need to be removed.
  • Take out the battery cells and save each one carefully as they cannot be replaced. You should carry these batteries to a recycling center or to a collection site that is authorized by your city or county government to handle them. These batteries can sometimes explode when mishandled, so you need to take every precaution while handling them.

Once you have removed all the cells, you need to remove any plastic or other flammable material from the inside of your hoverboard.


Q: Is it necessary to purchase the same type of battery as my original?

When possible, use the same size and type of battery. If you are unable to find an exact match, many times a similar-sized or mAh (milli-amp hour) model will work just fine. Lithium-ion batteries are the easiest type of batteries to adapt.

Q: How do I make my new battery fit where the old one was positioned?

Make sure the new battery is as flat as possible to help it fit into place. For those not familiar with hand tools, DO NOT use a hammer or mallet to pound something into position. You will damage and distort your new battery and could injure yourself in the process.

Q: What if I need more than one battery?

This is the most important question. If you need to replace both batteries, you must purchase two of each type and model number that you are replacing.

Q: Can you change the battery in a hoverboard, and can we use differently than the current one?

Yes, we can change it easily. but you need to use the same type and modal of battery which is currently installed. If you try to use a different version than the current one then it can cause problems.

Q: What is the difference between Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo)?

Both these types of lithium-ion batteries are made from lithium, but there is a difference in the electrolyte that holds electrical energy. This type of battery also has a solid electrolyte rather than a liquid one.


In this comprehensive guide, we cover every aspect of How to Replace Hoverboard Battery. Replacing the batteries is a simple job that only takes a few minutes, but you must ensure that everything is done correctly. There is always the possibility of injury if the safety rules are not followed correctly.

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