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Can You Ride a Hoverboard in the Rain

Yes, you can ride a hoverboard in the rain if the hoverboard has waterproof features. In case your hoverboard does not have such, avoid riding the board in the rain. When a newbie first buys a hoverboard they want to know where he can ride and where not. The question that first came to his mind is “can you ride a hoverboard in the rain” or not?

Hoverboards are mainly used for fun activities and riding in rain increases the entertainment level to an extent. But as we know not all hoverboards are made to ride on rainy days. There are limited options available in the market which you can use to ride in the rain.

Why You Need a Hoverboard to Ride in Rain

There are many reasons to choose such a board that has a waterproof feature. Apart from fun riding and enjoyment, it is also important for those who use it for offices and college. In case of rain, while going to the office, it creates a lot of trouble if your hoverboard can not ride on a rainy day. In case it has the feature you can reach your destination on time and without any fear of damage or loss of hoverboard.

Are Waterproof Hoverboards expensive?

Yes, these are expensive as compared to the other options available in the market. Their designs are unique and built with high-quality material and proper attention so not a single drop of water enters the device.

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Some hoverboards only have water-resistant features, they only block water for a short span of time and are not designed for riding in the rain. There are only a few options available that are 100% waterproof, but the prices of these are much higher than the normal hoverboard.


Q: Can you waterproof a hoverboard?

A: No, you can not make a hoverboard waterproof yourself. Only those which have IP54 rating can block water from entering inside. It is a difficult task to make a board perfectly waterproof, that’s why the price is also higher than the normal boards.

Q: What happens if you leave a hoverboard in the rain?

A: If you leave a hover board in the rain or in water, it stops working. These are electric power devices that receive power from batteries and run the motor. The rain will damage the board’s lithium-ion batteries, motor, and gyroscope.

Q: What to do if water gets in the hoverboard?

A: If rainwater enters your hoverboard then it is recommended to stop the hoverboard immediately and plug off the device. You must place the hoverboard in a dry place or under the sun for at least 12 to 24 hours.

Q: Can hoverboards explode if they get wet in rain?

A: Hoverboards are designed under some strict industry guidelines and rules set by the government and have a UL2272 certificate. They do not explode, but it is recommended to save your boards from rain as the batteries and motor are not designed to handle water. There might be chances of any incident if it is damaged.

Q: Can you wash a hoverboard?

A: No, you can not completely wash it. If you want to clean the wheels you can use water to clean and for the upper body, you can use a wet towel or cloth to easily clean and make it perfect again for the next ride. You can fully wash those hoverboards which have an IP54 rating.


After going through this article you are in a position to understand whether you can ride a hoverboard in the rain or not. The simple answer is the demand for your hoverboard. If it is designed with a waterproof feature then the answer is yes otherwise no.

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