Can Hoverboards Explode? Ultimate Guide

Explosions caused by hoverboards are happening more frequently. Many people, including small toddlers who were merely inquisitive, have suffered injuries. This article will examine whether hoverboards may explode, the potential causes of their combustion, and what you can do to protect yourself or those you love.

Hoverboard fires are not a new phenomenon. For this reason, they have been in the news since 2015, when the first reports of hoverboard blasts began to circulate. Yet why? Is there another source besides using low-quality materials? Let’s examine some typical causes of hoverboard explosions and discuss countermeasures.

Why do Hoverboards Explode?

One of the primary reasons hoverboards explode is the way they are constructed. When hoverboards were first brought to the market, there was no standard for production, so many came from warehouses with varying conditions. Components in your board may expand or compress at various rates when variable humidity and temperature are combined.

Hoverboard fire incident

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, which are found in many products like cell phones, tablets, and laptops react to these changing conditions, they can swell up. This swelling can cause the battery to short-circuit or even catch on fire.

Hoverboard Over-Charging

Hoverboards frequently being overcharged is another factor in their explosions. The device frequently won’t charge completely after being plugged in. As a result, individuals have begun to purchase their own batteries or even extract the battery and connect it via USB to a computer. However, you might not know what kind of charger to use or how much electricity your laptop is producing, so this could be hazardous.

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Faulty Hoverboard Charger

The sort of battery you are using could also be a contributing factor in hoverboard explosions. Because they lack safety features to guard against overcharging and burning, many of the inexpensive adapters that come with the board or that you purchase off-brand can be problematic.

Faulty Hoverboard Wiring

Rarely, defective cabling in your hoverboard can result in a fire or explosion. It might be time to inspect all of the wirings on your board if you observe that it is overheating and the battery is not the issue. This problem may occasionally be resolvable, but other times it may indicate that a replacement chip is required.

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People’s lack of understanding of their hoverboards is the main cause of disagreement regarding whether or not they explode. Some individuals might think the battery exploded after noticing a scorch residue. Some individuals who learn about overcharging problems might believe that the wiring is at fault. It’s critical to bear in mind that these are related problems, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Tips to Avoid Hoverboard Explode

You should always purchase from a reputable shop or name. If there have been accounts of the firm treating customers unfairly, you should definitely avoid doing business with them. In some instances, businesses may simply fail to care for their consumers and their goods, which could lead to an explosion.

Next, you should always buy a hoverboard that has UL certification. If the board is certified, it means the battery and wiring have gone through rigorous safety tests to make sure they are safe for consumers to use. Also, if your board does catch on fire or explode somehow, having a certification can help with legal issues down the line.

If at all feasible, purchase the original charger for your board, or ensure that you purchase one that is specifically intended for hoverboards. Never overcharge your device or allow it to overheat while charging, and unplug it instantly if it becomes too heated. Finally, if your board catches fire or explodes, disconnect it instantly and let it burn.

Lithium-ion batteries are not without merit! We simply need to be more cautious in how we use them and watch the quality of our battery charges. You can ensure that your hoverboard lasts as long as possible by following these guidelines and keeping an eye on it as it charges.

What Should You Do If Your Hoverboard Explodes?

In case of a hoverboard explosion you need to follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Immediately stop your hoverboard and disconnect it.
  • Do not stand near or try to extinguish the flames with water. Water may cause an explosion in some cases. So, do not fuel the fire by using water or any other combustible liquids.
  • If any person has got injured due to fire then take the injured person to the nearest hospital and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Also, take pictures of damages and email them to your Hoverboard manufacturing company.

How to Avoid a Hoverboard Explosion? Step by Step Guide

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to avoid a Hoverboard explosion:

  1. Make certain that your hoverboard has UL Certification, which guarantees its safety and security.
  2. Always purchase the original adapter for your device or a charger that is fully functional with lithium-ion batteries. And, if the charge begins to heat up, never disregard it; instead, unplug it instantly.
  3. After charging, unplug it and allow it to settle for at least one hour.
  4. Overcharging your board may result in an explosion, so always keep an eye on the charge levels and take quick action to replenish them if they begin to rise.
  5. The hoverboard’s battery is extremely delicate and constantly checks its heat levels. If it becomes too hot, you must instantly unplug it.
  6. Never overcharge your hoverboard and always keep a safe distance of at least two to three feet between you and the device while it is charging. This is because vents that are designed to release extra heat can catch fire or explode in a manner that is very dangerous if they are exposed to high temps.
  7. The main factors that cause an explosion in a hoverboard are overheating, overcharging, and the use of unapproved charges, so always invest in a high-quality charger.
  8. Never attempt to fix your circuit or battery by yourself as it could be risky and, in some instances, start a fire. Use only the original components supplied by the manufacturer of the self-balancing scooter if you need any new parts.
  9. Do not charge your device in a hot environment because It is hazardous and could result in an explosion or fire to charge your device in a hot environment.
  10. Avoid submerging your hoverboard in water, and if spills do occur, wipe them up right away with a dry towel after removing the board from the charger. There are hoverboards you can ride in gravel and grass as those are of high quality.
  11. When you go to bed, never leave your board connected because it could be hazardous if there is a sluggish charge, abrupt heating up, or battery leak that could result in a fire or explosion.
  12. Always try to minimize the weight on the hoverboard as much as you can because any abrupt pressure or additional weight increases the risk of detonation. Use hoverboards for heavy adults if your weight is more than normal.
  13. Never attempt to fix a hoverboard yourself as it could be harmful to you. Always get in touch with the initial business only if they can deliver the components and extras for your board.
  14. Avoid leaving your board connected in if you won’t be using it for an extended period of time as this can cause overcharging or a sluggish charge of the battery. Instead, unplug your board.
  15. Use only the original charger when charging your board; never use a used charger or attempt to charge it using a different device. In some instances, doing so could result in a fire or detonation.
  16. If you notice that your battery is leaking, remove it right away and, if at all possible, call your business to have it replaced. If not, replace it yourself.

FAQs – Can Hoverboards Explode?

Q: Is it safe to use Hoverboard?

Yes, hoverboards are safe, they can explode if their batteries get overheated, so it is necessary to follow some safety guidelines while using them.

Q: What kind of precautions should be taken while using a Hoverboard?

There are many precautions to be taken while riding a hoverboard. One should ensure not to ride at night because this is the time when most accidents occur due to low visibility. Riders also need to take care of their surroundings and avoid bumping into stationary or moving objects that may cause an accident. Also, riders should always wear safety gear like helmets and knee pads to avoid any kind of injury.

Q: Who should not use Hoverboard?

Most people suffer from heart or back problems, as the pressure on these body parts is high while riding a hoverboard and may further deteriorate their conditions. Also, pregnant women should refrain from riding it as there might be a risk of falling and hurting the unborn child.

Q: Are Hoverboards dangerous?

Yes, Hoverboards can cause fire accidents in some cases due to overheating of batteries, although it is rare, users need to take safety precautions like never leaving their hoverboard plugged in when not using it or trying to charge it slowly. Always make sure to carry your charger along with you, don’t charge it overnight, or use an unoriginal charger which can be dangerous if not used properly.

Q: Is a Hoverboard safe for kids?

Yes, Hoverboards are safe for kids as long as they use them responsibly and follow safety guidelines. Also, make sure your kid wears safety gear like helmet and knee pads before getting on it to avoid any kind of accident.

Q: How do I avoid buying a faulty Hoverboard?

One should always buy from reliable sources like Amazon. Always read about the product description thoroughly before buying one as good quality items are expensive. Also, check the seller’s trustworthiness and read reviews before buying. One should avoid buying cheap products as they are most likely defective or hazardous in some way.

Q: What precautions should be taken while charging a Hoverboard?

One should always use a certified charger for their hoverboard as unoriginal or faulty chargers might cause a fire. Also, never leave your hoverboard plugged in when not using it as there might be a risk of fire accidents. Always make sure to carry the charger along with you and don’t charge it overnight under any circumstances.

Q: How long can Hoverboard run?

One can expect their hoverboards to last for a long time and they can run for 7-8 miles on a single charge. The mileage may vary depending on the weight of the user and surface conditions. However, if you properly maintain it then your hoverboard will surely last long.


Finally, before using your hoverboard, it’s imperative that you study the safety instructions. You can prevent any injuries or accidents while traveling on it in this manner. Additionally, it is best to contact a professional for more information if you are unsure about any safety precautions. I trust that after reading this article you know whether or not hoverboards can explode.

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