Top 3 Hoverboard Helmets – Cool, Durable and Budgeted

Safety is an important factor one needs to understand before riding any kind of self-balancing scooter. Wearing a helmet is a must while riding, but finding a good quality helmet that is designed as per industry guidelines and the standard is difficult as you have multiple options available in the market. In order to find the best hoverboard helmet, we tested and shortlist a few.

Out of all the helmets we tested we found Outdoor Master as the best hoverboard helmet available on the market. The reason why we use it as the best option depends on different features such as price, quality, certifications, and build quality.

Best Performing

OutdoorMaster Helmet

OutdoorMaster Helmet

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Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Helmet

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3 Best Hoverboard Helmet 2022

Safety is the most important element one needs to understand while riding any kind of vehicle. You need to wear high-quality helmets while riding so that in case of any unforeseen it will save you from serious injuries. There are many options you can find online but only where are up to the standard.

Outdoor Master – Best Hoverboard Helmet

Best Hoverboard Helmet price

This is the best option available as it outperforms all departments when we compare it with other options available in the market and online. It is a multi-purpose helmet designed for outdoor activities and sports such as hoverboarding, skating, etc.

The material used in the helmet is of supreme quality and has a perfect Ventilation System so you can enjoy your ride without compromising. It has an adjustable dial to provide comfort, on the other hand, the chin strap is also designed in such a way that it will not harm the skin.

The total weight of the helmet is only 13.86 Ounces which makes it one of the best lightweight safety gadgets available on the market. The dimension is 11.42 x 9.69 x 7.17 inches which is perfect for a wide range of users. The inner material used is Expanded Polystyrene.

Triple Eight Dual Certified – Best Budgeted

Triple Eight Dual Certified price

It is a Dual Certified helmet manufactured by triple eight for teenagers and adults. It is famous for its built quality and durability. The EPS foam is perfect for shock-absorbing and provides safety in case of any incident while riding.

The total dimension of this helmet is 18.71 x 11.82 x 22.25 inches with a total weight of 1 pound. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is used in manufacturing in order to provide more strength and safety to the user.

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There are multiple color options available to choose from which is a plus point as other helmets have limited color variation. It is not only ideal for hoverboarding but also good for skateboarding and eclectic scooters.

KORIMEFA – Best Performing


Head protection is the key safety feature before any kind of road riding and a good quality helmet like KORIMEFA works best for this. It is a unique design with multiple vents for proper airflow while riding a hoverboard.

The main features include lightweight and comfortable features which every user needs in his safety gadget. The material used in the manufacturing is high-quality PVC which provides enough strength to bear any kind of shock in case of any incident.

The elastic straps are adjustable so you adjust them as per your need and head size requirement. It is recommended to check the dimension before buying it as it is designed for small to medium head size people and has a dimension of 12.17 x 10.35 x 6.38 inches.

Comparison of Best Hoverboard Helmet

Product comparison plays an important role while finalizing the final option before purchase. We tested these hoverboard helmets and checked all the features in detail such as build quality and material used in the manufacturing, design and durability, Price, and ventilation system. You can check and compare these in the table below.

OutdoorMasterTriple Eight DualKORIMEFA
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Shock ProtectionABS shell and impact-absorbingABS shell and impact-absorbingTABS shell and impact-absorbing


Q: Do you need a helmet for a hoverboard?

Yes, you need a helmet before riding because it will protect you from any kind of injury in case of any incident. It is recommended to use a good quality helmet as safety is an important factor one needs to be concerned about while riding any kind of vehicle.

Q: Should kids wear a helmet on hoverboards?

Yes, it is a must-have safety gear for your kid while riding a hoverboard. It will protect you from any kind of incident. People ask how do hover helmets work, the answer is simple they protect you to save from major incidents.


We hope after going through this article you are in a situation to find the best hoverboard helmet as per your need and budget. We review some of the best options available in the market after testing them. All these are performing well as you can read the happy customer review. You can choose the one you like.

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