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Hoverboards were introduced in 2015, and teenagers were the first to accept them as an alternative mode of communication. Its popularity is rapidly growing, and it will be the most common vehicle for teenagers in 2023. There is numerous best hoverboard for teenagers available, making it difficult to choose the best one. My team tested the 20 best performers and chose a few.

Uni-Sun is the best hoverboard for teenagers in 2023 out of all the hoverboards we tried. We chose this as the number one option because of its next-generation features, which are far more advanced than the other choices. SISIGAD is the second-best choice.

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3 Best Hoverboard for Teenagers

Teenagers were the first group of people to embrace the hoverboard as a viable mode of transportation. There are numerous choices available on the market, each with a different price tag and set of features. We chose some of the best-performing boards that are specifically made for teenagers. These hoverboards are being followed.

UNI-SUN – Best Budgeted Teens Hoverboard

Best Budgeted Teens Hoverboard PriceĀ 

It is the finest hoverboard for teenagers. Hoverboards that are specifically made for teens have a variety of features. A uni-Sun is the most popular because of its features, such as its top speed of 7.45 mph, which is perfect for those who want to ride fast and have fun.

The attached battery is large and can readily provide 7 miles of range when fully charged. You can easily increase the total mileage of your board by improving your riding skills, as mileage is directly dependent on many variables, one of which is riding style.

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teens hoverboard

It is a lightweight series because the total weight is less than 10 lbs, and it can easily handle up to 200 lbs of weight. The motor has a power rating of design precisely to provide fast speed, making it the fastest hoverboard on the market for teenagers.

SISIGAD – Best Hoverboard for Teenagers


It is also a well-known variant of SISIGAD. For many years, they have provided high-quality personal transportation systems. The happy customer reviews confirm that their major emphasis is safety and long-lasting quality products. It’s a high-end board that you can get for an affordable price.

This hoverboard is not inferior to its more expensive rivals because it includes all of the features found on expensive boards. The hoverboard’s battery power, motor, and mileage are all significantly greater. However, it is significantly less expensive than the other choices with comparable specifications.

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The guarantee is a bonus. You will receive a warranty on it, and you will be able to readily benefit from it if any faults appear during the warranty period. The company’s support team is also highly professional and well-trained. When you require information, they will direct you in the correct direction.

FLYING-ANT – Best Performing Teenagers Hoverboard

FLYING-ANT - Best Performing Teenagers Hoverboard

This hoverboard was just released, but thanks to its useful features and fashionable appearance, it quickly rose to the top of the market. There are numerous color options available, so you can pick the color of your choice. The price is also reasonable when comparing it with the features you will get in exchange.

The hoverboard’s maximum speed is 7 mph, which is much faster than the previous version. The model’s success is primarily due to its speed because, as you are probably aware, teenagers only need such personal self-balancing devices for recreation and not for use in getting to or from work or school.

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The other feature is fast charging, which only takes 3-5 hours to complete and makes it available for the following exciting ride. The hoverboard’s aesthetic appeal is also enhanced by the LED lights and built-in speeds. While riding in the dark with open LED lights, the surroundings appear incredible. For any teenager, the wheel size is also ideal, and you can bike without difficulty.


Before choosing a hoverboard made specifically for teens, you should compare a lot of different aspects. You must consider features such as speed, mileage, battery life, and others. Here are a few of the important characteristics we compared so you could pick the best one.

FeatureUNI-SUN HoverboardSISIGAD HoverboardFLYING-ANT Hoverboard
Wheel size8.5 inches6.5 inches6.5 inches
Terrain capabilityAll-terrainSmooth surfaces onlySmooth surfaces only
Bluetooth speakersYesYesYes
LED lightsYesYesYes
Age recommendationTeens and adultsKids aged 6-12Kids and teenagers
Safety certificationUL 2272UL 2272UL 2272
Maximum weight capacity264 lbs220 lbs220 lbs
Battery life and charge time2-3 hours, 3-5 hours2-3 hours, 3-5 hours2-3 hours, 3-5 hours

Overall, the most versatile choice is the UNI-SUN because of its ability to handle different kinds of terrain. As it can support the most weight, it is an excellent option for riders. It is, however, also the most costly choice.

The SISIGAD Hoverboard is a good option for younger children due to its smaller wheel size and lower weight capability. Additionally, it is the least costly choice.

For kids and teens who want a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, the FLYING-ANT Hoverboard is a good choice. Although it only works on flat surfaces, it can support the same amount of weight as the SISIGAD Hoverboard.

The ideal hoverboard for a teen will ultimately rely on their personal requirements and tastes.

Buying Guide

Hoverboards designed especially for teenagers are becoming increasingly popular. Self-balancing hoverboards are appropriate for teens because they are secure, fun, and simple to use. The guide will go over the hoverboard’s safety, durability, features, and design. 

UL Certification and Safety

When purchasing a hoverboard, safety should be the top concern. The hoverboard should be UL certified, which means it has been evaluated for safety and conformity with safety standards. The presence of UL certification guarantees that the hoverboard has been tested for electrical safety, battery safety, and other safety features. A UL-certified hoverboard will have a UL label on it. Before buying a hoverboard, make sure to look for this sticker.


When acquiring a hoverboard for a teenage child, it is critical to select the appropriate size based on their age. Hoverboards are available in a variety of sizes, each with its weight restriction. A hoverboard that is too tiny or too large for the user can be dangerous. A 6.5-inch hoverboard is appropriate for kids aged 12 and up, while an 8.5-inch hoverboard is appropriate for teenagers aged 15 and up.

Powerful Motor

A powerful motor is essential for a hoverboard because it determines how quickly it can travel. The motor should be powerful enough to support the rider’s weight while also providing a smooth journey. Teenagers should use an engine with at least 250 watts.


LED lights and non-slip foot pads should be included as safety elements on the hoverboard. LED lights make the hoverboard noticeable in low-light situations, and non-slip footpads improve rider traction.

Battery Capabilities

The hoverboard should have a high-quality battery with a lengthy battery life. Teenagers should use a charger that can last at least an hour. The battery should also charge quickly, ideally in less than 2 hours.

Speed and Range

The hoverboard’s speed and range are critical elements to consider. It should travel at least 7 miles per hour and have a range of at least 10 miles. The speed and range will vary based on the rider’s weight, terrain, and other factors.

Tires Reliability

The hoverboard’s tires should be dependable and long-lasting. It should be equipped with high-quality tires that provide excellent traction and can handle a variety of terrains. To avoid mishaps, the tires should be puncture-resistant.

Bluetooth Speakers

Many hoverboards include Bluetooth speakers, allowing the user to listen to music while on the board. Bluetooth speakers are a great feature to have, particularly for music-loving teenagers.

Ride Control

The board should have excellent ride control, allowing the rider to easily manoeuvre. The ride control should be intuitive and uncomplicated to use.

Durability Test

The hoverboard should be tough and capable of withstanding various terrains and atmospheric conditions. It should have a strong frame, excellent tires, and good build quality.

Extra Features and Design

A remote handle, carry bag, or hoverboard kart may be included. These additional features can increase the hoverboard’s overall value. The design is also essential, and teenagers may prefer a board with a cool design.

How to Use Hoverboards for Kids and Teens Safely?

Using a hoverboard can be fun, but it is important to use it safely to prevent accidents. Here are some tips on how to use a hoverboard safely for kids:

  1. Wear protective gear: When using a hoverboard, make sure to wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee covers, and elbow pads. In the event of an accident, protective gear can help avoid injuries.
  2. Learn how to use it: Before you use it, read the directions and learn how to use it correctly. Start gently and on a flat surface until you feel comfortable.
  3. Avoid steep slopes: Do not use them on steep or uneven terrain. Hoverboards are intended for flat areas only, and using them on a slope can be hazardous.
  4. Keep your feet flat: When riding a hoverboard, keep your feet flat on the foot pads. Standing on your toes or leaning too far forward or rearward is not recommended.
  5. Do not overload: Do not put too much weight on the hoverboard. Check the weight limit and make sure not to surpass it.
  6. Use in safe areas: Use the hoverboard in safe areas such as parks or empty parking lots. Avoid using it on busy roads or sidewalks.


What size hoverboard is best for a 12 year old?

A 6.5-inch hoverboard is suitable for a 12-year-old.

Are hoverboards safe for 12 year olds?

Hoverboards are safe for 12-year-olds as long as they use them properly and follow safety guidelines.

What age is a 6.5 hoverboard for?

A 6.5-inch hoverboard is suitable for kids aged 8 and above.

How do I choose a hoverboard?

When choosing a hoverboard, consider factors such as safety, motor power, battery capabilities, speed and range, tire reliability, ride control, durability, extra features, and design.

How do I select a safe hoverboard?

Choose a hoverboard with UL approval, LED lights, non-slip foot pads, and a long-lasting battery. When using the board, make sure to observe all safety precautions.

What is the difference between 6.5 and 8.5 hoverboards?

The size and weight limit are the major differences between a 6.5-inch and an 8.5-inch hoverboard. An 8.5-inch board is bigger and stronger than a 6.5-inch.


We covered every aspect of the best hoverboard for teenagers. You can simply compare the various features of each board to find the best one for you. It is usual for each individual to have unique needs and requirements. We provide a summary of the top performers so you can select the best one.

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