Hoverboard Charger – How Much Does it Cost?

Finding an affordable hoverboard is not difficult. As you can find multiple options available in the market and online. But there are some drawbacks to these low-price tag products, the most common is the charger. You need a fast and best hoverboard charger for your board. After a detailed test and analysis of the result, we shortlist a few best options.

Out of all the hoverboard chargers we tested, we found Jucuwe as much superior to the other options. The second best economical choice is AMPOWSURE. It also has all the features one needs for a board to charge. We rank the products after analyses of performance, price tag, and material quality.

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4 Best Hoverboard Charger

Hoverboard chargers are important as you need them frequently to charge the hoverboard before riding. A quality charger provides you with the safety of your board and also reduces the time of charging. It is recommended to go with a quality charger rather than a cheap charger. Following are some of the best-performing hoverboard chargers you can choose from as all are performing well.

Ampowsure – Best Hoverboard Charger

The second charger on our list is slightly more expensive but it is one of the best chargers which is compatible with many models. It is a 5.5mm and one-prong DC plug charger. The input voltage of the product is 110 volts. It also has an option in the adapter to use a 3-prong DC plug.

It is a safe and secure option that provides multiple safety protection for overcharging and overheating. The product comes with a 12-month warranty so in case of any fault you can claim the warranty to change the unit with a new one. It is surely worth buying. Hoverboard Chargers are equally important for security like the hoverboard helmets and you are advised to choose the best one.

It is designed for different sizes of batteries including 24V, 25.2V, 25,9V, and many other lithium-ion batteries. It also has LED light indicators that provide information about charging in process or charging completed. If it shows red, it is in process and green shows full battery level.

SafPow – Best Fast Charger

It is an 8mm 3 Prong Connector charger that has 42v and 2 amps. It is mainly used for 36v batteries. The charging process is much faster than the other options available in the market. It reduces the charge time up to a certain extent thanks to 42V 2A 84W fast output.

The total weight of the product is only 10.2 ounces which is reasonable when you compare it with other charges of the same category. There is an automatic system in this charger that controls the charging process from the start to the end of the process.

In order to handle Short circuits and Over Temperatures there is a protection that enforces the safety of hoverboards in such conditions. It is recommended to not use it for damaged or bad-condition batteries. It is designed for 36V Lithium-ion batteries so it is recommended to use for those hoverboards that have the same configuration.

Jucuwe – Best Performing

It is a fast charger that will speed up the process and make the hoverboard ready for fun riding. The Jucuwe 42v is simple, high quality, and perfect for all kinds of self-balancing scooters. It is safe and secure to charge as it is designed as per the industry guidelines. It is suitable for those which have 3-prong connectors.

The total weight of the product is only 169 grams which makes it a lightweight option. A special feature you can find in the Jucuwe hoverboard charger is Short Circuit Protection, which is essential for the safety of electric hoverboards. Multiple types of protection are enabled in the model, such as short circuits and overcharging.

The input voltage is 240v which is the best possible option. The output voltage is 42 Volts with a 1.5amps current rating. It is designed with higher quality material for safety reasons, the material used is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

Tyzygmy – Best Budgeted Charger

It is another high-end premium quality product from TYZYGMY manufacturers. It is compatible with a variety of hoverboard brands and models which has a 36v lithium-ion battery and uses 3 prong connectors to charge the hoverboard.

The input voltage requirement is 240 with an output of 42v with a 2amps rating. The charger is purely designed for lithium-ion batteries and not for any other type of battery such as lead acid batteries so it is recommended not to use it for such types of batteries.

There are multiple features such as auto stop when the charging level reaches 100%, short circuits, and overheating. The only thing which creates the difference is its price as it is slightly more expensive than the other options we mentioned earlier.


Q: How do I choose a hoverboard charger?

A: You need to select a charger as per the specification of your battery and port type. Some hoverboards have 24v batteries, some have 36v so it is important to choose the right type of charger for your board.

Q: Are these chargers good for hoverboard safety?

A: Yes, they are safe to use. These charges are tested and verified. You can use these chargers without any fear of damage or burnout.


We try to cover all the best hoverboard chargers in the market and online, providing their positive and negative points so you can compare and choose the best available. It is recommended to compare the performance, price, built quality, and happy customer reviews before finalizing one for your board.

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