Are Hoverboards Allowed on Airplanes? All You Need to Know

As a Hoverboard lover, you want to take your hoverboard with you on vacation, but you need to check, are hoverboards allowed on airplanes? You need to change your plan as hoverboards are not allowed on planes. If you still want to take your hoverboard with you then either you need to switch from airplane to train or bus as there is no restriction on these items or you need to read this article till the end in order to explore more options.

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. There are many discounts offers to avail of a quality board at a low price such as the Black Friday hoverboard. It is a perfect alternative for short-distance travel. You can use it for fun travel or use it as an alternative personal transportation option for school, college, or the workplace. You can also take this self-balancing electric scooter on vacation, but first, you need to know: Can you take a hoverboard on a plane? This detailed guide will provide all the information if you are planning a vacation with your hoverboard.

Hoverboards are designed for all age groups. You can enjoy riding on the luxurious board on eny kind of surface even you can ride a hoverboard on grass and gravel. If you are new and want to learn How to ride a hoverboard, go through our guide to learn the basics of hoverboard riding. It will take a few steps only to get started and enjoy the fun while riding.

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Are Hoverboards Allowed on Planes?

After these self-balancing hoverboards were first introduced in the market, manufacturers did not work on the quality of the board, hence several hoverboard explosion incidents happened and we saw the news regarding these incidents on digital media and social media. After these incidents, concerned authorities set strict standards and UL-2272 certification in order to avoid such incidents and make these futuristic hoverboards safe for all users. But still, new users query are hoverboards still catch on fire?

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Hoverboards are usually forbidden at airports and on airlines. Passengers are not allowed to bring a hoverboard, as this is checked-in and handheld luggage, and are not allowed to bring in an airplane.
It is strictly prohibited to bring them onboard airplanes, and airport authorities will confiscate them if you get them to the airport.

The airlines accepted hoverboards until around 2016 as checked luggage and packed away. After stories of hoverboards exploding began circulating, many international and national airlines began banning them. Hoverboards may not be allowed on airplanes, but you can read on for tips on can I take a hoverboard on a plane.

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Are Hoverboards Allowed on Planes?
Why are Hoverboards Banned on Planes?

The low quality of hoverboards has caused their ban from airports. Until 2016 you can take your board with you on an airplane without any problem. But due to some companies’ poor-quality hoverboards, many explosion incidents were reported.

The major problem with low-quality lithium-ion batteries is that they Overheat and explode. There are many other causes also, but low-quality lithium-ion batteries are the most common cause of the explosion. Numerous incidents of hoverboards catching fire, and explosions, convinced many airlines to ban them.

The UL2272 certification was introduced to make sure the quality hoverboards are of top quality and explosion-free. The manufacturers offering UL2272 certified boards are of the best quality and boards without these certifications are of low quality. It is advised to go for the best quality board as your safety is the most important element in personal transportation devices.

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Following are the things that contribute hoverboard ban on airplanes

1. Lithium-ion Battery Packs

Hoverboards take power from lithium-ion batteries. It is the most important part of any electric power device because without electric power their self-balancing scooters are useless. Earlier models of hoverboards have low-quality lithium-ion batteries with no labeling which causes hoverboard explosions. After UL-2272 certification the quality of lithium-ion batteries is of top quality and explosion-free.

2. Low-Quality Hoverboard

The quality of these hoverboards also improved with the passage of time. Manufacturers did not pay attention at the earlier stages of these boards, but after the introduction of UL certification and strict regulations, the quality of these boards improved to a great extent. But despite these quality improvements we can not take a hoverboard on a plane.

Alternative Options – Can You Take a Hoverboard on a Plane

Hoverboards cannot be taken on airplanes, as stated previously, and the airline explains why. Passengers had to leave hoverboards behind at airports because these are not permitted. The authorities will be responsible for any unpleasant events in case they allow hoverboards in airplanes. Please cooperate with airline security for your own and others’ safety.

If you plan to travel with a hoverboard, you should contact the airline ahead of time to find out their policies, some airlines take liberties with passengers’ belongings.

These are a few suggestions to solve the problem and comply with airport requirements while overcoming the problem.

1. Hoverboards Mailing

The USPS does not allow hoverboards to be mailed on time to your destination. However, UPS and FedEx don’t prohibit shipping hoverboards with lithium-ion batteries. Within US states, shipping hoverboards should prove to be relatively simple, but you will run into issues if you try to ship internationally. Shipping hoverboards can be costly because they are heavy and large.

2. Hoverboards without Battery

It is the best option to solve the problem as most explosion cases occur due to faulty or low-quality lithium-ion batteries. If there is no lithium-ion battery attached to the board then airport authorities can allow it in the future, till today there is no exemption of taking the hoverboard to the airplane if it has no batteries.

Hoverboard without battery

3. Train or Bus

If your vacation destination is not far away and you want your hoverboard with you on your vacation trip then you need to change your travel option. You can choose the train or bus, there is no problem with these options and you can bring your hoverboard with you.

Are Hoverboards Allowed on Airplanes in 2022?

No, hoverboards are not allowed on airplanes in 2022. It is a lithium-powered electric device and is not allowed on airplanes. In the past, these self-balancing devices were allowed but low-quality hoverboards encourage airlines to ban the from board. You can ship hoverboards overseas with some services, but prices are very high, so make sure you check first. FedEx, for instance, guarantees such services without reservation, so it is vital to use such a service.

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Following are some important points you need to remember

Inquiry Call

It is a good practice to call ahead of time if you are planning a private courier service like FedEx. It ensures you either allow hoverboard transportation or not as baggage.

FedEx Mailing Option

If you are planning a long vacation trip and want your board with you on your next trip, but as we know hoverboards are not allowed by major airlines. So, you can use FedEx, because they do not prohibit hoverboards on their planes.

Rent a Board

As a hoverboard lover, one needs a luxurious board with them on their vacation trip, but as you know hoverboards are not allowed on planes. So, it is better to rent a hoverboard on your trip. You can easily find a hoverboard for rent, it also costs you much less than using FedEx or UPS for mailing hoverboards.

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FAQs – Are Hoverboards Allowed on Airplanes

Q: Are Hoverboards Allowed on Airplanes?

No, hoverboards are not allowed on airplanes, after explosion incidents hoverboards are banned by all major airlines.

Q: Can You Take a Hoverboard on a Plane?

In past, hoverboards are allowed on planes but due to lower quality lithium-ion hoverboard batteries, some explosion incidents happen. After these reported incidents can not take your hoverboard on an airplane.

Q: Can You Bring a Hoverboard on a Plane?

No hoverboards are not allowed, you can not take a hoverboard on a plane, but you can go with other options like UPS and FedEx if you want to take your hoverboard with you on your vacation trip.

Q: Do Hoverboards Still Blow Up?

No, hoverboards do not catch on fire after the introduction of UL-2272 certifications. Manufacturers improve the quality standard of lithium-ion batteries in order to prevent any hoverboard blow-up incident.

Q: Which Airlines Allow Hoverboards?

All major airlines ban hoverboards on airplanes. Lithium-ion batteries can explode and lead to serious incidents, that’s why you can not take a hoverboard on a plane.

Q: Can We Carry a Hoverboard in Checked Luggage?

No, you can not carry them as they are banned by all major airlines.

Final Thought

We cover each and every detail about hoverboards allowed on airplanes and the final conclusion is that they are not allowed. You can use other options like FedEx or UPS but these are expensive options. We also mention some alternative options like hiring a hoverboard to rent. So after reading this article, you are clear about your query: Can I take a hoverboard on a plane?

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