Are all Hoverboard Chargers the Same? | Detailed Guide 2022

Are all Hoverboard Chargers the Same

No, It is not a correct statement as hoverboards do not have the same type of chargers. Different models use different types of chargers for their boards, some are fast, others are normal and the voltages are also not the same. When a newbie buys for the first time there comes a question in his mind. Are all hoverboard chargers the same? We cover all the details and clear all the misconceptions related to this topic.

Why not Are all Hoverboard Chargers the Same?

People argue that as all hoverboards are self-balancing devices then why their chargers are different from one another also the voltages vary. The answer to this question is that different hoverboards are designed by other manufacturers so they provide the best possible charger options as per their knowledge and within the budget limit of a particular product.

Which One is Better Hoverboard Charger?

It is also essential to know which charger is better than the other as we can find multiple options in the market. The answer to this question is simple. You need to prefer those chargers that are designed with high-quality material and provide you with shock protection features. Also charging time matters a lot as some are designed to charge the battery fast while others take extra time to do so. Going with a faster one is recommended as it saves your time.

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The most important thing you need to remember is that always go with the charger which is recommended by your manufacturer. Also, it is necessary to choose the same voltage power charger which is recommended for your hoverboard. In case you use a different voltage charger, it can damage your board.

Can We get a Charger with a New Hoverboard?

Yes. you will receive a charger with the purchase of a new hoverboard. In case your manufacturer is not providing a charger with the board and you need to buy it separately or in case your original charger is damaged you can easily buy it online. There are various options available online but you need to go with the recommended charger or the same type of charger in case the original charger is not working.

Can I Use an After-MArket Charger?

Yes, you can use any charger which has the same voltage and rating as is recommended for your board. Many hoverboard users buy fast chargers to shorten the charging time. There are many options available online. It is advised to go with the option which is designed with superior quality material.

Things to consider before Buying

There are many things you need to consider before buying a new aftermarket board. As chargers are an important part of this electric power device and need regular charge before going for a ride. The following are the things you must consider before selecting one.

Power Ratio

The power ratio of the charger remains the same as per the manufacturer’s description in the manual. If you go with a different power ratio then it will damage your hoverboard gyroscope and other parts. You either need to check this detail on your old charger or just read the manual in order to get the information.


It is recommended to choose the best possible option. You must select the one designed with high-quality material as approved by the government. Quality matter a lot as you hear many news articles about fire incidents that only happen because of low-quality material.

Manufacturer Reputation

There are many options available in the market. Few are new and some are providing quality products for years. You must go with the manufacturer who has been providing services for a long time and has many happy customers. You need to check and read some reviews of customers before buying a new one.


Q: Can you charge a hoverboard with a different charger?

A: Yes, you can charge your hoverboard with a different charger other than the original that comes with the package. You need to check the power rating of the charger before using it. If the power rating is the same then it is equally good as the original one and in other cases avoid charging the board as it will harm or short circuit the hoverboard.

Q: Do all Hoverboards use the same battery?

A: No, not all hoverboards have the same battery. There are different types of batteries used such as lead acid, and lithium-ion batteries. Some have a bigger size and some have small batteries. As the batteries are an expensive part of a hoverboard, a particular board has a different type of battery and size as per the price of the board.


We hope after going through this article the confusion about “are all hoverboard chargers the same” is clear now. Also, you are in a position to select a perfect charger for your hoverboard which has a fast and shock protection feature. Hoverboard charges are an essential part as they determine the time required to make the board ready for riding.

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