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Which Hoverboard Brands Are Safe To Buy?

Image showing multiple hoverboard brands and options

With all of the news of these hoverboard fires lately, we’ve been receiving a ton of questions from people asking if the hoverboard brand they’re thinking about buying is a product of good quality. Everyone is concerned that the brand they’re looking into might become the next national news story of a hoverboard explosion, and we totally understand that concern.

Because there are so many hoverboard brands on the market, it’s hard to weed out the good stuff from the bad stuff – but we’re about to make that a whole lot easier for you. We want to help in any way that we can to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality hoverboard that’s not going to catch fire.

In our previous post Where To Buy A Hoverboard, we explained how nearly 90% of hoverboard brands are just generic products being pumped out of factories in China that care more about quantity than quality, which means that there are a ton of hoverboards being sold across the internet that have low-quality parts, non-certified batteries, and faulty plugs that have a much higher potential of catching fire.

Image of a hoverboard on fire

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of hoverboard brands that we’ve personally verified as high-quality, safe products. After going through over 100 brands, only 7 met our high personal standards. The brands in our Approved list all make a great product, offer generous warranties, and have certified batteries (which means you probably won’t ever see one of these boards catch fire!).

Approved Hoverboard Brands

MonoRover ($599 on Ebay)

Image of a brand new white MonoRover R2D self balancing scooter

Read our review of the MonoRover R2 or the MonoRover R2D.

Swagway ($399 on Amazon)

Image of a brand new red Swagway X1 self balancing scooter

Read our review of the Swagway X1.

Razor ($499 on Amazon)

Image of a new blue Razor Hovertrax

RoboTTurbo ($549 on Amazon)

Image of a brand new white RoboTTurbo Hoverboard

Read our review of the RoboTTurbo Hoverboard.

Powerboard ($579 on Amazon)

Image of a brand new blue Powerboard hoverboard

CoolReall ($469 on Amazon)

Image of a new white CoolReall self balancing scooter

Leray ($469 on Amazon)

Image of a brand new black Leray hoverboard

With this master list, there’s no more guessing. If a brand you’re considering buying is not on our Approved list, we suggest you be very cautious with your purchase. It could be part of the vast majority of generic products that both we and the news warns about.

We update the list as we find new brands that meet our verification standards, and we do our best to give you our honest judgement. If you think we’ve made a mistake or you’re curious about another brand that we haven’t listed, simply comment below or shoot us an email and we will get back to you with our analysis.


  1. Keyia

    I was wondering about the ROAM brand board sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. Thanks!

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Keyia,

      I haven’t personally tested the ROAM board since Bed Bath and Beyond just started offering them, but I’ve done my research and been told they’re some of the same generics that I warned about in this post. And at a $499 price tag, I’d much rather spend the money on something I know is safe like the MonoRover R2 or even spend $100 less and get the Swagway X1.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Kim

    What about the Sharper Image one Kohl’s had in their Black Friday Ad

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Kim,

      The Sharper Image Sogo is a pretty good quality product. They have CE-certified safe batteries and chargers. These would certainly be a good choice.


  3. kim

    What do you know about the HOVERBOOST and the Wallygadgets Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic Mini Unicycle Intelligent Monocycle Sold by: Sweety Color?

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Kim,

      The HoverBoost and Wallygadgets boards have both done fine during our tests. I’d say either of these brands would be a good pick.


  4. Laura A.

    I recently purchased the Hoverboard360. Researched and found no negative reviews or issues. Stayed away from biased or manipulated user reviews from well known sites. Do you have any information regarding safety or fires as I purchased this for my 12 year old.

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Laura,

      I unfortunately have no information regarding the safety of Hoverboard360 boards, but to my knowledge, their boards are among the generic models that we have warned about. See my other comments above about Hoverboard360 boards for further details.


  5. Sheryl

    I bought 3 hover board 360s for grandchildren. Did you test these? How did they fair. The box says made in China.

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Sheryl,

      To my knowledge, the Hoverboard360 boards are among the generic models that we have warned about. See my other comments above about Hoverboard360 boards for further details.


  6. Joyce

    What about the Jetson Electric Gyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo, Black

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Joyce,

      The Jetson seems to be a great product; we’re actually in the middle of reviewing one right now. We should have the details up tonight.


  7. Pat G

    The Swagway was taken off of amazon. I bought one for my grandson. It seems to meet all requirements. I am concerned. Your thoughts. Swagway X1

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Pat,

      The Swagway has actually been re-listed on Amazon as of yesterday, and it is one of the better models so you should be safe.


  8. john


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