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Where To Buy A Hoverboard - Best Sources

Where To Buy A Hoverboard – Best Sources

Hoverboards are a hot commodity right now. But even with the hurricane of attention they are receiving, the common question we keep hearing is this: where to buy a hoverboard? You see these self balancing scooters for sale all over the internet, so why is it so hard to find out where to buy one? We’ll tell you why, and show you exactly where to buy one.

Due to this recent hoverboard craze, new brands are popping up left and right trying to get into the industry and sell their product. The problem is, 90% of these new brands are selling some low-quality pieces of junk.

As soon as hoverboards became popular, tons of manufacturers in China caught on and started pumping these things out of their factories like crazy, paying no attention to their quality and only worried about making more. People across the world jumped on the bandwagon and started buying boards from these Chinese manufacturers, and then just slapping their logo on and calling it their own product.

Image showing the warehouse a Chinese hoverboard manufacturer

Office of a hoverboard manufacturer in China

The problem with this, then, is that all of these brands are advertising that they have “the best product” and fooling customers into buying them. A lot of times, customers receive their product only to have it break within days and then get told they can’t return it (most of the time) for a number of reasons: no warranty, no response from the company, no returns accepted…the list goes on and on.

We want to help. Because of this rising problem, we want you to know exactly where to buy a hoverboard from a trustworthy source. We came up with the following three solutions:

1. Buy on Amazon!

I will always recommend Amazon as the best place to buy nearly any product, especially hoverboards. Because you’re purchasing through Amazon, you’re protected by Amazon’s return policy instead of relying on the hoverboard brand themselves. Amazon will let you return anything you’re unhappy with, so your purchase is 100% worry-free.

Not only do they have an amazing return policy, but Amazon also has the best prices on hoverboards as well. They have one of the largest selections of hoverboards on the internet, and you can find huge discounts on them by using Amazon. Check it out: Self Balancing Scooters on Amazon.

But remember, even though they have a huge selection and a great protection policy, there’s still a lot of untested products on there. Always read our self balancing scooter reviews first before making your purchase to make sure you’re buying a high quality hoverboard!

2. Buy directly from a reputable hoverboard brand.

With new hoverboard brands emerging every day selling low-quality products just trying to turn a profit, it’s hard to find a brand that is actually reputable and trustworthy enough to purchase through without a worry. The only two we can recommend purchasing from directly are MonoRover and Swagway.

These are two of the biggest brands in the hoverboard industry, and not only do they have great products, but they also stand by their customers. Both MonoRover and Swagway offer a 1-year warranty with their hoverboards, giving you peace of mind when buying through them. It’s rare to have a problem with one of their hoverboards, but if you ever did, they are also extremely helpful about getting your board repaired, returned, or replaced.

Be sure to check out our reviews on the MonoRover R2, MonoRover R2D, and Swagway X1 to see which one is best for you!

3. Buy on eBay.

We were somewhat hesitant adding eBay to our list, only because there are a lot of questionable hoverboards listed on there. You should definitely be able to find a great self balancing scooter on Amazon, so we highly recommend searching there first. But if for whatever reason you can’t find what you’re looking for on Amazon, eBay can be a suitable option as well.

Just always make sure to read the item descriptions. You want to look for something with warranty, and preferably U.S.-based. Like we said above, there are a lot of questionable boards on eBay, so just be cautious and careful.

Where To Buy A Hoverboard – Final Thoughts

While there are hundreds of places to buy hoverboards online, we can only recommend the above 3 outlets as a safe spot to make a purchase. There are too many unknowns with buying anywhere else. We hope this guide helps steer you in the right direction on where to buy a hoverboard. As always, consult our self balancing scooter buying guide to make sure you’re buying a high-quality product and getting a great price on it.


  1. jody

    oh this makes me nervous..i just bought my daughter a board from hoverboard360…do you know anything about that brand?

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Jody,

      I’ve certainly seen Hoverboard360 around online because they advertise a lot, but I actually haven’t tested any of their products. I will have to do this soon.

      That being said, here’s what I can tell you just from looking at their website and doing a little digging. I’m almost positive they get their boards from the same manufacturer as another brand, Skque. Hoverboard360’s three boards (the 6.5″, 8″, and 10″ models) look identical to Skque’s three models, and I’ve tested Skque. Quite honestly, I’m not a huge fan. In my personal experience testing them, the boards are on the lower end in terms of quality. I assume their boards are from one of those manufacturers that we warn about; the ones that are more concerned with quantity than quality. According to their website, Hoverboard360 does offer a 30-day return policy, which is a little reassuring, but the board “must be in original condition with no scratches.” Anybody who’s ridden a hoverboard for 5 minutes knows you’re going to get scratches right away. It comes with the territory.

      But please remember, everything above is purely based on personal speculation. I could be completely wrong. I’m merely making an assumption from experience and observation. Just be cautious, there is some news going around that some of these particular boards (the lower quality ones) have faulty batteries that are catching fire.

      Hope this helps answer your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of any further assistance!


  2. Denise

    I recently bought two boards with intent on only keeping one.
    With all the talk in the news of fires I am now worried about this purchase all together.
    I bought one from website and one from ( from Tomtop). Do you know anything about either of these ?
    Thank you for your help!

    • HoverboardLab

      Hey Denise,

      I just looked up both boards, the Tomtop on and the ones from Sears. I’m going to refer you to my comment above in response to Jody; that should help explain things. The Tomtop models are identical twins to the Hoverboard360 models (which Jody asked about) and the Skque models (which we’ve tested). The hoverboards on Sears are just generic boards made by random electronics brands.

      The problem with buying generic models like this is that the brands themselves are general electronics companies. So to them, the hoverboard is just another product on their list of hundreds of electronics. They (mostly) don’t care about the quality and they (mostly) only care about adding another product to their list. They’re not brands like MonoRover or Swagway that just sell hoverboards. For MonoRover and Swagway, hoverboards are their main lifeline, so they have to stand by quality and their customers or else they’ll be out of business.

      Although the difference between brands like Tomtop and Sears vs. MonoRover and Swagway might not be immediately obvious since they all share a similar design, there is certainly a difference in the quality of what’s beneath that plastic outer shell.

      Hope this helps, Denise!


  3. Dawn LaCoste

    Very good article…thanks! I ordered from but they won’t be in for Christmas so canceling the order and scared b/c they are count from China and with the batteries catching fire scares me. So I am now looking at and Kohls has one Venetian Worldwide electric, do you know any info on these two? Also the news says its lithium batteries catching fire so I was looking for Samsung or LG batteries, aren’t they lithium batteries also or better quality?
    One more question, I’m buying 2 regular ones for my teens but was looking at buying the baby bear one for my 7 year old, any info on that?
    Thank you for your time and help!

    • HoverboardLab

      Hey Dawn,

      Thanks for the kind words! I’ll be continuing to update the article as I weed out the good and bad brands.

      I looked up hovershop and the Venetian worldwide board from Kohls. I’m only working off observation, but it looks to me like both brands you mentioned are typical generics that I warn about in my article. I’m going to refer you to see the responses I gave Denise and Jody above, those comments should help you too.

      As far as batteries go, there are many types of lithium batteries both low-quality and high-quality, so don’t be discouraged when the news reports that it’s lithium batteries that are catching fire. For the news to blame lithium batteries as a whole is a wildly vague statement because of how many types there are. You just have to make sure you purchase from a brand that has invested in a higher-quality product, which means higher-quality batteries and a MUCH lower chance of a potential fire. The two brands that I most often recommend are MonoRover and Swagway, check out my reviews of the MonoRover R2, MonoRover R2D, and Swagway X1 (and I highly recommend purchasing through Amazon).

      For your last question, I actually haven’t reviewed any of the baby bear boards for kids, so I unfortunately can’t offer much help there. There are several of them on Amazon (like this one)…I can’t see anything wrong with them!

      I hope this helps clear things up a little bit, let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!


  4. Lisa

    i too am very nervous now. I bought a Swift Hoverboard for my son. Do you know anything about them? We bought it at a mall kiosk. I The

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Lisa,

      I’ve not personally used a Swift hoverboard before, but looking at their website, their models look identical to the Skque boards that I have tested. Please see my above response to Jody to help answer your question (she had a similar concern about another brand).


  5. Tyler

    Do you know anything about Elecforu? I bought two for my kids off of amazon. Appeared to have decent reviews. Any info is much appreciated!!!

    • HoverboardLab

      Hey Tyler,

      I’ve not personally used the Elecforu, but their models do look like the generics that I warn about it my article above. A lot of companies are using the same cheap manufacturer unfortunately so it’s hard to find a great brand. It does appear to have decent reviews on Amazon but I would just keep a close eye on it in case it develops any unusual issues (malfunctions, charging issues, etc.).

      Always better to be safe than sorry.


  6. Owen

    I was looking for one but now I am scared because of the fire hazard. I am looking at the RunActiv version on Amazon. Can you tell me if it is a safe buy?

    • HoverboardLab

      Hi Owen,

      I just took a look for myself and it looks like the RunActiv is another one of the generic brands I mention above. See my response to Jody or Denise for further details. I would recommend looking into the MonoRover R2 or Swagway X1, which are similar prices but much higher quality. You should be safe with those.

      Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!


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