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MonoRover R2 Self Balancing Scooter Review

Image of a brand new white MonoRover R2 self balancing scooter

MonoRover is one of the more reputable names in the self balancing scooter industry, and for good reason. Founded over two years ago by a group of four young entrepreneurs, the brand is dedicated to high quality products and customer satisfaction. The MonoRover R2 is certainly a great example of that and was one of our favorite hoverboards to test.

Features & Specifications

  • Board Dimensions: 23″ x 7.3″ x 7″ (58.4 x 18.5 x 17.8 cm)
  • Weight: 24 lbs (10.9 kg)
  • Wheel Size: 7″ (17.8 cm)
  • Max Speed: 8 mph (12.8 km/h)
  • Max Climbing Angle: 30°
  • Cornering: 0° rotation
  • Charge Time: 1-1.5 hours
  • Range Per Charge: 9-12 miles (14-19 km)
  • Rider Weight Limit: 225 lbs (102 kg)
  • Dual blue LED lights
  • Dual electric motors with independent movement sensors
  • 1-year warranty with 20-day money-back guarantee
  • Available in White, Black, Red, or Blue.

The MonoRover R2 Introduction Video

MonoRover R2 Test & Review

Our MonoRover R2 arrived at about 9:00 AM on a Saturday, so we were quick to unwrap it and excited to get going. The white finish looks great in person and the blue LED lights are a cool touch. The rubber grip pad where you place your feet is nice and functional (as it should be) so your feet don’t slip off while you’re riding. The wheels have a simple-yet-futuristic looking design and engraved in the center is a sharp little MonoRover logo. We plugged this self balancing scooter into the charger (which is included in the box when you purchase it) and made some breakfast while it charged up.

The full charge took approximately an hour and 15 minutes, which is considerably less than most other hoverboards, so that was cool. As soon as the LED battery meter hit green, we took our MonoRover R2 outside to the street and hopped on. One of the first things we noticed about this hoverboard was that it was stable and comfortable while “roving,” as MonoRover calls it. The MonoRover R2 features dual electric motors with independent stability sensors which plays a big role in the stability of the board. When the MonoRover R2 is set on the ground without anybody on it, it lays lifeless on its side. But as soon as you touch your foot to one of the foot pads, the scooter jumps alive and stands up perfectly awaiting your other foot.

The MonoRover R2 has a top speed of 8 mph, which may not look like a lot on paper, but it is much faster than it sounds when you’re riding. This little self balancing scooter’s speed allowed us to zip around our streets quickly and, combined with its long-lasting battery life, allowed us to ride for a total of 10.5 miles before we had to put it on the charger again. As long as you’re not riding this hoverboard constantly without any breaks, a full charge should last you for several days. Some people have even reported they can go a week or two on a single charge!

We take all of our self balancing scooters through several terrains to test how tough they are. The MonoRover R2’s body is a thick plastic shell which is nice and durable. It’s not scratch-resistant, unfortunately, so it did gather some marks and scuffs over time after riding through the dirt and rocks and falling off a few times, but the important part was that it continued to ride great and stay perfectly functional. The MonoRover R2’s 7-inch wheels allow this hoverboard to easily ride through grass, rough roads, up hills, and even over speed bumps, making it perfect for riding around town. If you were to ever come across a spot where you can’t ride through, the board is effortless to carry at its lightweight 24 lbs.

MonoRover R2 Images



  • High-quality build with beautiful design and bright blue LED lights
  • Independent foot pad sensors provide a stable and comfortable ride
  • Quick speed and lasts for hours before needing another charge
  • Can easily ride over several types of terrain
  • Lightweight at 24 lbs and easy to carry


  • Body’s plastic fenders shows scratches somewhat easily
  • No Bluetooth speakers available

Overall, we believe the MonoRover R2 is one of the best self balancing scooters available on the market. The design is beautiful, the parts are of great quality, and it’s just an all-around good time. With a quick charging time, a fast top speed, and responsive turning sensors, the MonoRover R2 is the perfect hoverboard to ride around town whether it be by yourself or with friends.

Regular Price: $699.00

Sale Price: $419.00 (you save $280 on Amazon)

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The MonoRover R2 is an awesome hoverboard and definitely earned its position as our one of our favorite models!
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