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How To Ride A Hoverboard - Learn in minutes!

Image of a person riding a hoverboard

You’ve read through our self balancing scooter reviews and found the board of your dreams, but wait…do you even know how to ride a hoverboard? Luckily for you, riding really isn’t that difficult! You’ll probably be a little wobbly at first, but that’s how we all are! With some practice and the help of our guide, you’ll be riding like a pro in less than 15 minutes. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Getting on the hoverboard.

First and foremost, make sure your self balancing scooter is charged. You can’t learn how to ride on a dead hoverboard. Turn the power on and put it on the ground in front of you, with the LED lights facing forward (honestly, there’s really no true front or back, but we just think it looks weird with the LED lights facing backwards). If your self balancing scooter has different ride modes like the RoboTTurbo Hoverboard does, make sure it’s set on Entry/Beginner mode so you can start off easy.

Image showing how to get on the hoverboard

Start by putting one foot on the hoverboard (preferably your dominant foot). Using this foot, put the board into an upright, level riding position. When you’re ready, lift your other foot off the ground and step onto the hoverboard. Don’t overthink it, just step on naturally like you’re walking up stairs.

These are designed to electronically balance you out once you have both feet on, so the hoverboard will help you. You could also try doing this next to a wall or something to hold onto in case your balance isn’t that great.

Video showing how to step on to a hoverboard

Notice in the video above how his foot is as far to the side as possible. You want to ride with a wide stance, placing your feet too narrow makes it difficult to keep your stability.

Step 2: Moving on the hoverboard.

Now that you’ve gotten your balance down, you can actually start riding your hoverboard (because that’s really what you came here to learn, right?). Making your hoverboard move is easy, but there’s definitely a learning curve to it. It’s a simple concept: you move forward and backward by leaning, or shifting your weight.

Video showing how to move back and forth on a hoverboard

You will probably wobble around at first, but that’s fine. It happens to all of us. Learning how to ride a hoverboard takes a little time. You will become much more stable once you get some real riding time in.

Step 3: Turning the hoverboard.

Turning your hoverboard is a similar concept. Each side of the hoverboard is independent, so you can twist each side. Imagine you’re standing on the board. To turn left, push your right foot forward, and to turn right, push your left foot forward. This independent foot pressure gives the twisting motion that physically moves the board. Pay close attention to his feet in the video below.

Video showing how to turn a hoverboard

We recommend starting out with slow, controlled turns before getting into the quick spins. Spinning is a lot of fun once you get good at riding! You can use your skills to spin quickly in place, or if you reall want to change it up, some people even use their hoverboard for dance routines (apparently it’s called “hoverdancing”).

Congratulations! Now you know how to ride a hoverboard!

Use your newfound skills wisely, young apprentice. If you don’t already own one, make sure you read our detailed self balancing scooter reviews to get the best board and price!

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